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Can't wait for your bites?

Dawn's Chocolate Goji Energy Bites have become my ultimate healthy and super-nutritious snack. Eating healthy, for me, during long work days at the office can sometime be a challenge.  Since I've incorporated these energy bites, I am getting a good boost in energy while satisfying my sugar craving (I've got a huge sweet tooth!) and I find having 1-2 (or more!) of these bites in the middle of the day can help me feel awesome for several hours after.


- Dr. Leila Sahabi, ND





Plant-based, gluten-free, convenient, nutritious, and delicious Energy Bites.

But, what if we told you our Back for More Bites snacks are also incredibly filling?


We know.


Its a combination as rare as Big Foot surfing the Bermuda Triangle while Skyping Elvis.

Each ball is sweetened with fresh organic fruit and naturally preserved with citrus, making each bite full of sweet and balanced flavors. You can finally pack something fresh and delicious in your lunch box, on your weekend hikes, or for your morning commute!


Proudly made in Steveston, BC.



Are you struggling to support your on-the-go plant-based lifestyle with the tastiest, most satisfying snacks that will keep you powered up for all the activities in your day?

Maybe it's time to get your Back For More Bites fix!