Don't take my word for it....

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"I am absolutely in love with the Back For More Bites. Not only do they taste amazing but I felt really good after eating them too. I felt like I had the energy to do all the running around I had planned and to keep me going till the end of the day. I would highly recommend trying them! My favourite is the Salted Orange and Chocolate Chip... yum so delicious!"


- Jacinta Shand, Branding & Web Designer


"Dawn's Chocolate Energy Bites have become my ultimate healthy and super-nutiritious snack. Eating healthy, for me, during long work days at the office can sometime be a challenge.  Since I've incorporated these energy bites, I am getting a good boost in energy while satisfying my sugar craving (I've got a huge sweet tooth!) and I find having 1-2 [or more :) ] of these bites in the middle of the day can help me feel awesome for several hours after."


- Dr. Leila Sahabi, ND


"On top of being incredibly delicious and satisfying, Dawn's Chocolate Bites are the perfect blend of thoughtfully gathered ingredients that give me energy to help me get through my busy shifts without feeling hungry. I can eat them quickly due to their bite sized shape, and they last a week in my fridge at work. Just a few of them per shift give me the boost I need to keep my mind and body going. I am so grateful to have discovered these tasty treats!"


- Shawn Mercer, RMT


"I've been hearing about Dawn's bites well before they became famous! I was so excited to finally try them and OMG. They are THE BEST EVER energy bites I have had. I absolutely love that they're all plant-based and vegan and pack soooo much nutrition. What I also love about these bites is that Dawn puts so much love and energy into creating them and you can "taste" that when you bite into them. I highly recommend getting in touch with Dawn to see and taste for yourself. So much goodness and nutrition packed into these tiny but powerful bites!"


- Drina Yoshihara, Birth & Postpartum Doula

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"I enjoyed Dawn's energy bites very much! I don't really have a sweet tooth and they were not too sweet for me. They are very flavourful, with healthy ingredients and the perfect size for a quick snack between meals. I am gluten intolerant and I am so happy when I can find delicious local little treats like Dawn's to have on a hike or between meetings!"


- Lysiane de Nadaillac, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

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"Dawn's Back For More Bites are a delectable choice to not only satisfy the need for that extra craving we all get every now and then, they also contain the right kind of nutrients. No more guilt eating chocolate and they have just the right kind of nutrients so your body feels satiated so much faster! They're also a perfect hiking snack to boost that energy up!



- Maria Ohlsson, Intuitive Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

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"Dawn's energy bites are so delicious. They taste too good to be healthy! These are the perfect no-guilt snack for indulging your sweet tooth while still feeling good physically and mentally. The blueberry is especially refreshing. The chocolate orange was decadently delicious."


- Justine Hwang, Social Impact Calligrapher & Workshop Coach

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"I love, love, love these energy bites!  The name says it all, you can’t just walk away after a couple.  Before I discovered Back for More Bites, I made my own at home experimenting with different recipes and they were never as good as these bites.  I surrendered to Dawn’s bites and now they are my go-to snack to serve at my events.  I always get a good kick, since people can’t believe that they are gluten, refined sugar AND dairy-free!  There’s not only a burst of flavour in every bite, they’re healthy and gives you the boost you need to power through your day. xo”


- Vanessa Leung - 8020LivingCo

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