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Back For More Bites were created to nourish the lifestyles of the wildly ambitious living busy, on the go lives.  Our intention is to support you in maintaining a strong, high vibrating connection with your body through nature and nutrition with every bite.





About Chef Dawn

A plant-based chef, creative, intuitive, and nutritionist, Chef Dawn adores sharing her passion for making healthy vegan food taste delicious.  She loves inspiring you to shine your magical light in the world through eating in harmony with nature.  When Dawn isn't in the kitchen whipping up the most heavenly treats or teaching cooking classes, you can find her out in nature, taking pictures of wildlife, adoring plants and being amazed by crystals that grow naturally on our planet. 


In fact, nature inspires all of Chef Dawn's creations and she brings that high vibe back to the kitchen and infuses it into her recipes, food products and photography.  Her education in holistic nutrition and the culinary arts allows her to bring you the highest quality products along with the most informative & fun cooking classes.

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BFMB was created to fulfill a desire for pure, delicious, plant-based and gluten free treats to nourish and fuel the wildly ambitious. These days, many of us have a difficult time finding healthier treats that are not filled with processed sugars, chemical preservatives and ingredients you can't pronounce, especially if we're vegan or gluten free. 


It was this challenge that inspired Dawn to use her nutritionist background and create fruit sweetened bites and cookies that were as delicious as they were nourishing. Working as a Plant-Based Culinary Nutritionist, Dawn began sharing her treats with her amazing, adventurous and ambitious clients, and they kept coming back for more bites. The positive response she was receiving motivated her to officially launch Back for More Bites in May of 2019, and she began attending farmers markets across the lower mainland to spread the goodness further. 

Today, the collective desire for a more wholesome, loving and peaceful world is evolving and BFMB is here to evolve and transition too. Many are seeking to feel more connected with themselves, spirit and nature - much more than ever before. To enhance the BFMB experience for our consumers and to remain in alignment with new and evolving desires, we are infusing all of BFMB treats with pure love and light from reiki energy to support our wildly ambitious consumer in feeling more uplifted. It is this intention and our pure ingredients that leave our customers feeling blissful, connected, and energized with every bite.

Our Story
Our Mission

To make the purest, most delicious, and uplifting plant powered foods that are inspired by nature's creations to fully nourish your mind, body and soul, while also honouring the animals, nature and the health of our planet.

Our Purity Promise

Raise Your Vibe

We are committed to your most vibrant health, energy and highest vibe.  Which is why we curate the freshest, most nutritious, organic ingredients.  We make our cookies and bites in small batches in a dedicated gluten free, vegan facility.  Each batch is infused with positive intention and reiki energy, which is essentially pure love and light. 

The result?  You'll taste the high vibe difference and you'll love how naturally uplifted and blissful you feel immediately after taking your first bite.


Plus, you can feel great about giving these heavenly wholesome treats to your family and friends because all of our products fit in with special dietary needs, and are gluten-free, vegan and low sugar.  Whether you're buying these for yourself, your family or your next camping excursion, you'll love how uplifted and nourished you feel. 

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"I enjoyed Dawn's energy bites very much! I don't really have a sweet tooth and they were not too sweet for me. They are very flavourful, with healthy ingredients and the perfect size for a quick snack between meals. I am gluten intolerant and I am so happy when I can find delicious local little treats like Dawn's to have on a hike or between meetings!"


- Lysiane de Nadaillac - Registered Holistic Nutritionist