Sunstone Palm Stone (Medium)


A beautiful and naturally uplifting stone that radiates like the sun, bringing joy to the heart and warmth to the soul. Sunstone is associated with the sacral and solar plexus chakras.


This stone has the capacity to clear all the chakras to draw in light and energy allowing the true self to shine joyously - independently, optimistically and freely. 


A stone of leadership, self-empowerment, and freedom -  carrying this stone enhances feelings of self-worth, confidence and increases overall vitality.


Chakras it supports:

sacral & solar plexus


Tip to attract more joy:

To lift dark moods, let go of any heavy, repressed emotions, remove energy sucking attachments and negativity from others or to simply bring more optimism and personal power into your life, place your sunstone crystal on the solar plexus, near your navel. 



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