The Pure Love Bite Bundle comes with 5 x 6 packs of each bite flavour. That's 30 energetic bites that are ready to snack on anytime, anywhere. Stock up on bites for the entire week, an upcoming event, or your next big adventure. This Bundle is perfect for families, couples, or busy bees who need simple, energy-rich, nutritious, and delicious snacks on the go.


There is no need to compromise flavour or your health when eating delicious, wholesome food. The Pure Love Bite Bundle has you covered and will bring bliss to your mind, body & soul.


5 Flavours:

  • Caramel Apple Crumble Bite

  • Banoffee Pie Bite

  • Salted Orange Chocolate Chip Bite

  • Wild Blueberry Lemon Bite

  • Mocha Berry Bite

Pure Love Bite Sampler Pack

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