Amethyst Cluster (Medium)


A serene and calming stone, Amethyst naturally centres the mind, body & spirit and promotes emotional balance. 


Intrinsically connected to the crown chakra and the mind, this stone supports mental clarity, memory recall and enhances natural intellect. It also combines common sense with insight to help facilitate the decision making process. 


Considered one of the more spiritually connected stones, amethyst is great for meditation, connecting to the divine and encouraging spiritual wisdom. Amethyst also helps one attune to their intuitive gifts 


Tip to attract more relaxation:

Place your Amethyst cluster in any environment where you want to attract more healing and tranquility, such as your bedside table, in the corner of your bathtub, or even in your kitchen or office space. Can be placed underneath your pillow to alleviate insomnia, headaches or nightmares



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