A fudgy, chewy, delicious, blend of chocolate and orange that bursts with flavour. Made with dark chocolate,  zesty, sweet orange, creamy pumpkin seed butter, a hint of sea salt and a sprinkling of mini chocolate chips.


 It's hard to believe this decadent snack bite is just as healthy and nourishing as it is delicious! 


Pure Plant Love, Vegan & Gluten-Free

Salted Orange Chocolate Chip Bites

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  • Gluten-free oats*, Pitted dates*, Pumpkin seed butter*, Vegan chocolate chips (evaporated cane juice, natural chocolate liquor (non-alcoholic), non-dairy cocoa butter), Fresh orange juice*, Sugars (pure maple syrup*), Unsweetened coconut flakes*, Cacao powder*, Fresh lemon juice*, Orange zest*, Maca powder* Canadian sea salt, Pure vanilla extract (water, alcohol, Natural vanilla bean scrapings, caramel colour)*, Wild orange essential oil. 


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