Get instantly transported to a tropical paradise. Made with creamy coconut butter and  packed with chopped Macadamia nuts, dried chunks of pineapple & large toasted coconut. 

Nutty, fruity, and filled with high vibe nutrition, these cookies are a vacation for your mouth. You’ll forget that they’re highly healthy too!

Tropical Mac Cookies

  • Dried pineapples*, Rice Flour*, Sugars (coconut sugar*), Macadamia Nuts*, Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt, Potato Flour*, Macadamia nuts*, Coconut Butter*, Tapioca Flour*, Water, Coconut Powder*, Coconut Chips*, Pure Vanilla Extract [water, alcohol, natural vanilla bean scrapings]*, Xanthan Gum*, Sea Salt, Aluminum-Free Baking Powder* & Baking Soda*



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