A Mother Is Your First Friend, Your Best Friend, Your Forever Friend

Hey there, It's Dawn here from Back For More Bites,

I am sending so much love and gratitude to all the Mom's who have raised us, who continue to nurture, support and guide us and who love us unconditionally.

Here's to all the Mom's Moms, the soon to be Moms, the Dad Moms, the animal Moms, the plant Moms and, the Mother of all moms, our Earth Mom.

Thank you Moms for ALL you do each and everyday. Happy Mother's Day! ❤

This photo was one of my all time favourite Mother's Day spent with my Mom in Mazatlan, Mexico in 1997.

Today I'm sharing some beautiful ways to safely spend time with your loved one this weekend. Or take the time for yourself, and reconnect and ground yourself. Enjoy any or all of these ideas!

  • Walk In Nature- to ground yourself and reconnect with nature, through nature is one of my favourite things. Walking in forests or along the beach are a great way to ground yourself. If you so desire, take your shoes off, walk barefoot in grass or sand to really take advantage of Mother Nature's healing properties.

  • Picnic- Visit a local Farmer's Market, source locally made foods, supporting local small businesses and enjoy them on the grass for a picnic or at the beach with your loved ones. Don't forget to pack your Back For More Bites and Cookies;)

  • Garden- treat yourself to some herbs, produce or flowers, get in the garden to plant and enjoy watching them grow throughout the season.

  • Rose Quartz- Give the gift of a Rose Quartz to your loved ones! The stone of boundless unconditional love and peace, rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra. Filled with the essence of pure love, it brings deep inner healing, self love and reassurance. Gentle and harmonious in nature, the soothing vibes of Rose quartz will transmute negative energy and exchange it to fill your whole being with pure love. Rose Quartz also improves our capacity for empathy and provides both strength & courage to forgive ourselves and others for any transgressions. Fun Love Bites tip to attract more love: Place Rose Quartz on your heart centre to promote self-love, empathy or even attract more romance or loving friendships into your life. Click HERE for more information.

  • Enjoy a Bath- Epsom salts are wonderful for relaxation and reducing inflammation. Fun Love Bites tip to enhance your bath and aid in de-stressing : I enjoy taking a soothing bath with calming and grounding crystals, such as Amethyst and Shungite crystals which help re-mineralize and restore the body. Adding Epsom and Himalayan salts and a few drops of Serenity essential oil from Essentially Stoked. Enhance your bath with the uplifting properties of fresh sliced lemon and be ready to be amazed and restored. Don't forget to light some candles and enjoy a good book.(Dr.Teals is an excellent epsom salt to look for and can be found at most grocery stores)

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