Don't Ignore Your Sweet Tooth, Outsmart It!

Hey there, It's Dawn here from Back For More Bites,

This week I am recognizing a pattern from some of the conversations I've had with my wonderful customers and friends...many have been struggling with a sweet tooth!

Not surprisingly, as we are well into over a year of a pandemic, people are struggling both mentally and physically. I too have had moments of recognizing when I need to

take a break and focus on myself. The unfortunate reality of

stress is that it leeches minerals from our bodies leaving us

depleted and craving sugar for a pick me up.

I was motivated to develop food products that are decadent and made with pure plant love, vegan and gluten free while satisfying your sweet tooth with organic unrefined plant based sugars. Using sweetness derived from nature enhances your energy levels without the consequences found with processed sugars - like the classic sugar crash!

Today I'm sharing some daily habits I have personally incorporated into my life to help combat stress and increase wellbeing.

Try any OR all of these:

  • Magnesium Glycinate 2 capsx/day before bed (I recommend sourcing a good quality supplement from your local Natural Foods Grocery store/Naturopath-look for Pure Encapsulation)

  • Epsom Salt Bath Before Bed are wonderful for relaxation and reducing inflammation. Fun Love Bites tip to enhance your bath and aid in de-stressing : I enjoy taking a soothing bath with calming and grounding crystals, such as Amethyst and Shungite crystals which help re-mineralize and restore the body. Adding Epsom and Himalayan salts and a few drops of Serenity essential oil from Essentially Stoked. (Dr.Teals is an excellent epsom salt to look for and can be found at most grocery stores)

  • Yoga

  • Deep Breathing

  • Walks In Nature

  • Increase your water intake I enjoy a slice of fresh organic lemon /local honey or a few granules of pink Himalayan salt to help rebuild electrolytes while hydrating with water.

  • Keep Calm and Enjoy a Back For More Bite ;)

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