Seasonal Allergies Impacting You?

Hey there, It's Dawn here from Back For More Bites,

This week I've had so many conversations with customers and friends about the recent onset of seasonal allergies. The combination of beautiful dry weather, and mask wearing can make allergy symptoms even more challenging!

Now, more than ever, immunity is on everyone's minds! Who's with me?

As a Plant-Based Culinary Nutritionist, this has always been top of mind AND one of the biggest concerns expressed by my clients.

Since we all want a healthy, strong immune system, I want to help you by sharing some ways to support your immune system and combat your seasonal allergies naturally rather than reaching for over the counter pharmaceuticals.

Are you experiencing nasal congestion? runny nose? itchy, watery eyes? sneezing? post nasal drip?

Try any OR all of these:

  • Enjoy a cup of hot Nettle Tea 1x/day (I enjoy Traditional Medicinals Nettle Leaf Tea found in most Natural Foods aisles of your local grocery store, Natural Foods Grocery store, or Amazon!)

  • Vitamin C 2x/day in between meals (I recommend sourcing a good quality supplement from your local Natural Foods Grocery store/Naturopath - look for brands like Sisu and Thorne)

  • Epsom Salt Baths are wonderful for relaxing and reducing inflammation. Fun Love Bites tip to enhance your immune system: slice a fresh organic lemon and add it to your bath to enhance the uplifting and energizing vibes that lemon contains! (Dr.Teals is an excellent epsom salt to look for and can be found at most grocery stores)

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