The Flip Side

Hey there, It's Dawn here from Back For More Bites,

Do you ever have those moments when you feel a little defeated and want to completely give up on something?

Last year I felt so frustrated after doing a second test batch of my new apple energy bite flavour. The mix was too wet and not anywhere near what I had imagined. I felt so disheartened.

My vision of creating a new flavour was feeling like a distant dream.

I decided to take a couple of days to shift my energy and realign. I spent a lot of time outdoors in nature; a place where I get super present and become completely inspired.

I persevered and tried one more time to get this recipe right. And WOW, finally nailed it!

The Universe often shows us the flip side of life so we take the necessary action to become aligned with what we want. Basically, don't give up - maybe all you need to do is pivot a little.

Today I wanted to share some ways that have helped me pivot in the past year which may inspire you. Try any or all of these ideas!

  • Nature. Get outside and explore and play. Especially during these Covid times, changing up your scenery has scientifically been shown to enhance your creative and learning skills.

  • Learn to sit still with being uncomfortable. With anxiety, you begin to see that the emotions themselves are truly not the enemy or something to be feared. It is often your own reactions and judgments to the emotions that make them seem so unpleasant or frightening.

  • Change your environment to not focus on stagnant energy. Implement a daily meditation routine. Check out Alysa Rushton's website for a great resource.

  • Expose yourself to a new experience. Take this as an opportunity to try something new. Have you been looking to try online grocery shopping? Or order from a meal prep service? Start an enjoyable craft? Give them a try! You never know what a difference a new experience may bring. It could open up time and space to focus your energy in other magical ways.

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