Values & Mission

Vision Statement


To inspire wildly ambitious on-the-go souls, to reconnect with their body, mind and spirit with simple and whole, plant-based meals created in the comfort of their own kitchen.


Mission Statement


To offer authentic and compassionate plant-based culinary nutrition support that nurtures the mind, body and spirit by connecting clients to nature and whole, seasonal and fresh organic foods in a fun and interactive experience.


Core Values


PEACEFUL ENVIRONMENT – instill an environment of peace and calm

LEISURE / BALANCE – take the time to engage in leisure activities outside of work obligations and on the go lifestyles to nourish the mind, body and spirit connection

HUMANITARIAN WORK – make every effort to make this community a better place while inspiring other communities

MORAL FULFILLMENT – I strongly believe that nurturing one’s body with whole foods and immersing oneself in nature is beneficial to everyone’s health and this can all be achieved through support and education.

CREATIVITY / INNOVATION – each individual has changing nutritional needs and health aspirations which allows us to create together new eating habits and improved lifestyles to suit evolving mind, body and spiritual needs.

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